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 I am working as a Senior Engineering Manager at Adobe Systems. I am obsessive about the building of world-class technology platforms and products. My personal interests include reading, watching movies, listening to songs, following trends and innovation at startups, emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, crowdfunding, business, finance, and blogging. 

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My Dad is the founder and president of Nalanda High School. He established it in 1980. I was fortunate to study in my own school till Class X :-)

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               Sky is Limit

dorad  is an NPO that I would like to start to quench my philanthropic thirst.

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Santosh Nangunoori

Santosh Nangunoori

Sr Engg Manager @ Adobe Systems

EMAIL : me@santoshnangunoori.com
Mobile : +91-9911252569

Santosh Nangunoori, QE Manager @ Adobe Systems